Living for the ride

Moser, a dynasty of cyclists who always strove for greatness.

The past.

Raised in a family of cyclists, Francesco Moser began riding professionally when he was only 18 years old. From that moment, he started carving a path made of sacrifices, struggles, and triumphs. From the ’77 Road World Championship to the ’84 Hour Record in Mexico City, in which he beat Eddy Merckx, the strongest cyclist in the world. Francesco spent his life discovering new roads, beyond preconceptions, seeing past conventions.

“It’s always seemed that opening new roads was my destiny, since the very beginning”

Francesco Moser

Present and future.

Francesco has always chosen the road less travelled, pushing his body and mind to the limit, trying to innovate technologies and training techniques to achieve the best possible performance. These precious experiences are the core of our work: the starting point from which we design our products and find revolutionary solutions to change the way we think about cycling.

Francesco Moser’s life has been an unending revolution: a path carved in personal and technological innovations. His vision is the soul of our work.